Bird Hunting

The swish of wings overhead and the return call of a mallard hen; the soft raspy quack of a mallard drake as they circle overhead before dropping down thru the tree limbs into one of our numerous green trees - that's duck hunting at 3-S Ranch or the Trinity River Ranch.

From world class calling to the anxious whine of a Labrador Retriever - the duck hunting at 3-S Texas Outdoors can be outstanding. By having two separate ranches for Duck Hunting, we greatly increase our chances to have an exceptional hunt at either 3-S Ranch or Trinity River Ranch. Our Trinity River Ranch has been used for Corporate Hunts for over 25 years and is truly a one of a kind location located between the Trinity River and White Creek.

We also offer upland bird hunting to valued customers, with quail and chukar hunts available October-February. Watch some great dogs work the fields and enjoy an awesome morning of wingshooting on native blackland prairie when you book a hunt with us here at 3-S Texas Outdoors.

Blind on River Ranch Bluewings off the Trinity Ranch Greenheads and Wood Ducks
  Fog Hunt on Trinity  
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