Here at 3-S Whitetails, we are committed to growing big, wide, typical framed whitetail bucks suited for any situation our customers may have or need to fill

We have a very powerful selection of genetics to choose from perfect for other breeding programs or for stocker operations with some of the hottest names in the industry on both the top and bottom of our pedigrees. We have focused on our genetics to grow bucks with big, typical frames that are wide (20"-30") and yet still carry impressive amounts of mass throughout their rack.
We feel this style of antler growth can not only allow you to produce some of the biggest bucks in the industry but also bucks that are marketable to hunters and other ranches.

Please browse through our Breeder pages to find snapshot photos of our genetics and breeder bucks, current stocker bucks for the year, does for sale and other pertinent information regarding our whitetail breeding operation. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Chris Stewart @ 832-493-0147 or Randy Stewart at 832-493-0116 or go to contact page on the website.

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